How to Open Command Prompt in Full Screen Mode

Saturday, June 25, 2011

In previous versions of windows like Windows XP you will get full screen by hitting Alt+Enter. But in Windows Vista and Windows 7 generally you didn't get the Full screen cmd prompt window. The small window is not sufficient when you are working in cmd window for long time or in Applications like Oracle Database etc.

In the Vista / windows 7 when you hit Alt+Enter you will get a Message "This system does not support Full screen Mode". To overcome this, just do the following steps:
  1. Open Command prompt ( Start > Type "cmd" and press Enter).
  2. Type wmic and press enter , now you will enter into Windows Management Instrumentation Command line Utility.
  3. Now Maximize the window, just like Maximizing other Windows by clicking on Maximize button on Top-Right.
  4. Right click on Maximized Command Prompt Window title bar and select Properties.
  5. Now a Window Popups, In options tab check the  " Quick Edit Mode" and press OK.
  6. Now close all the CMD prompt windows ( by clicking X or type exit).
  7. From now onwards you will get full screen Command Prompt Window by default.
  8. You can also adjust the screen size from now, by dragging with your mouse.